James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

Sandcastles built long ago were still there
Surrounded by colorful buckets and toy shovels
All waiting for the touch of my hand
Echoes of children long grown returned
Calling to welcome me back
As only children can do in the magic of their dreams

I stood in cool water
A flowing brook
My shoes off stuffed with my socks
Pants rolled up to my knees
Kissed by the cool water

Mass card 2008

Once again I could see my childhood friends
I spent hours watching the tiny minnows
Scooping them up in my joined hands
They swam in my love and caring

Gently I returned them into the waters
They swirled around me
Never knowing a difference had been
Created upon them

There in the midst of my sandcastles
A light came shining upon me
The tiny minnows scurried away
A beautiful light it is I told them
As it entered the ways of my mind

A sweet voice filled me with calm
Curious I went closer leaving my friends
Hearing I quickly drew water
Reaching up my offering spilled over my hands
Beckoned I walked out of the darkness
Into the light

In the Seventh Year I left my sandcastles and friends
Walking into the light I found him
My son, magnificently beautiful
Living in the Light

by Patrick Cartier


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