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May He Never Be Forgotten

Our Hearts Still Cry
By Patrick Cartier

In the echoes of pain and sorrow
Our hearts cry into emptiness, still needing
One more time to look into your eyes
One more time to see your face
One more time for love's sweet embrace

Mass card 2007

One more time to listen
To the way of your laughter
One more time to touch
What has been taken forever

One more time to know
The joy of your voice
One more time to live in our ways
Sharing together every day
Of every week

One more time to hold you
To know again your light
We Will weep and ask
Of one more time

All that is left is to call out
For one more chance to say goodbye
One more time to pause, to pray
To cry

One more time to remember
Days when you were a baby
Days when we knew
you as a young man

One more time has
become an eternal prayer
James will God let it be
One more time is held captive
In agony's tears
One more time however brief
Speak to God James
For us to defeat the thief


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