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May He Never Be Forgotten

It Can't Be Five Years
By Patrick Cartier

Mass card 2006

If by chance you notice
Tell him to come home
Mention we are still waiting
Surely it canít be five years

Go to that place
Where days ended
In the inferno
Call out his name
Call loudly with tears
Surely it canít be five years

Donít search through ashes
Itís a waste of time
Heís not there
Donít try to straighten things mangled and turned
Surely it canít be five years

At first I thought he went up into the great cloud
But I was wrong
Maybe heís just walking, wondering where we are
If you see him
Say we are waiting
We want him to come home

Surely it canít be five years
There hasnít been enough tears
Search among the names
He is the ...One......called James

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
May God Bless you,
The Cartier Family


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