James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

There was a boy

There was a boy
Who walked across mountains
In the playland of his dreams

Mass card 2005

There was a boy
Who walked across the sea
He sang such a sweet song
All the while
Just for me

There was a boy who could fly
Like an angel
Always so high up above
His eyes sent down teardrops
That showered me with love

There was a boy
I once held in my arms
From the baby to the man
His beautiful smile
Still occupies my heart

Together we gathered rainbows
Filling them with sparkling diamonds
All the hours we touched together

We sailed great ships
Through calm and rousing seas
We rode the finest stallions
Champions this boy and me

There was a boy
I remember him
Now he is gone beyond the stars
In quiet I pray for him
To bring back the days
We claim forever as being ours

Written by Patrick L. Cartier


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