James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

James and Dad

The Day of My Son

The Day of my son has ended.
Echoes of crushing pain and suffering
Seize me,
Twisting and mangling my spirit,
I die with him again and again.

Light that once filled me
With joy
Glows brightly far away
In a place unknown,
Leaving me frozen
In an unbearable emptiness.
My heart torn by a
Sword of agony.

The day of my son
No longer beckons tomorrow
For us to share.
Something splendid has been lost.
Something beautiful stolen,
Plunging me
Into the depths of darkness.

The day of my son
Ended without promise.
Never again will I touch him,
Never again will I know
His embrace,
Never again will we share
Words of affection and love.
Never again will I hold
That which only God can give.

The day of my son
Has ended.
At each new dawn
I'll not see his face.
Not until my own day is over
And I slip away
To begin my eternal search
To find him,
In the bliss of a new day.

Written by
James' father Patrick Cartier


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