James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

Always Reaching for Our Son,
Brother & Friend...


My Dearest,
Is there anything more profound than the emptiness in the space that is
 is yours? This year has gone full cycle and we are, once again, at the
 edge of a horrible day. 9-11 never seems to go away. Reaching for
 you, our love keeps alive every minute of that day, in a gentle way.

We live through each day not in the evil brought
  upon us, but in the
joyful promises given to us
  through our Savior's Resurrection. New life that
  moves beyond the ending of life but in the be-
  ginning of life.

Surely our love for you has increased over the years as has the longing
in our hearts to have you with us. Many more years will pass. The evil
that created 9-11 will disappear from view. We will wait for that day
to come where resurrection of our own souls will join with you in
Christ Jesus
to live forever in peace and love with you
our dearest Son, Brother, Friend.

Mass card 2014

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