James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

James on his bike

In one moment our lives have changed forever and
now we are walking on different roads.
You are now in a special place, watching over me.
You are now my guardian angel and
I will feel your presence each day of my life.
Wherever, this road takes me,
I promise you that I will honor your memory and
I will remember all that you have shared with me.
My times with you, my brother,
are now my most treasured memories.
Though I am deeply saddened that you are not here,
I take comfort in knowing that you are now in God's loving hands
and truly believe that you are now…
Walking with the Angels.
James, this is my tribute to you.

Remember Always...

Written by Michele Cartier~Sung by Gary Huff

Today, We remember you.
Rember always
You are the son, the brother

The friend.
Remember, always, all that you have given
Your courage, your strength
Your love,
Remember always
All that you have shared.
Your spirit, your laughter,
Your smile,
Thank you, James for loving us
You loved from the heart, you loved from the sould.
You loved us all.
Dear brother, you are forever
You are that special person
Who made this world a better place.
Thank you for letting us love you.
Our love is timeless, it grows stronger,
Our love is forever.
Your journey does not end here.
Your are in our hearts,
We still are one.
And Until that time when we see each other once again,
We'll keep remembering
Remembering you.


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