James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

James on bike

I seek Ye, Father
I seek ye, Father, in the depth of my sufferings.
I seek comfort, strength and courage.
I seek ye, Father, and You are there.
Suffering or joyous, may I never stop...
Seeking for Ye, Father God.

To My Cousin James

Written by Christian Cruz

Like a messanger of good news
Or a bright sunny day
I remember my cousin James Cartier Cruz
Who had the power to make me smile
Now as I look up to the sky
And I see a brighter shine
I stop to think there is not doubt why
I think my cousin James is making it smile
And as I consider about where you are
My peace hits a higher chord
Even though you are physically far
I konw you are happy in the presence of our Lord
I know you are okay
I already miss you
And for you I will pray
I love you and soon I will see you
Take care of us James

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