James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

Mass card 2011

September's Song


Reach back through so many long years
Give life to memories held in stillness
Draw them near from that place
So far away…

Disturb the darkened clouds streaming
Through vast expanse of spirit
With hands poised to grasp clots of pain
Sorrow and suffering, watch as they fall
Lifeless into a frozen lake vanishing
Without meaning…

September’s Song reveals nothing ever ends
But lives eternal in the embrace of a
Loving Spirit in a mystical Grace
Remembering, he lives to be seen
And loved…

September’s song sings of his return
In a yearning prayer ever beautiful
And real, his life is shown rejoicing
He lives…

We know him beyond the ending
Of our own lives, in never abandoning

Love is never ordinary…

September’s song is a tiny spec of light
Coming from afar, exploding and bursting
In immense love illuminating within all
Reaching for him…

September’s Song is his name left
On the lips of those who love and miss him
His love burns in each heart holding him
James sings with great choirs pouring out his love
Knowing, one day before God, all will be
Together again in the embrace of sublime joy
And divine love…

Angels gather around the Tree of Life
Calling James to greet his brothers and sisters
Their longing now to be ended they hold his
Beautiful smile and sweet affection…
In the divine moment of magnificent love
They speak to each other…

Holding Sister Jennie…
So many sweet memories. Special is the time my
own son was born and James was there with
his beautiful smiles…

Holding Brother Patrick…
My memories of you remain in my thoughts, but
you will live forever and be in my heart...Love
is endless and no matter what separates you and
me my dear brother James, I know that our bond
and love will withstand the tests of times...Till we
meet again in a better place.

Holding Sister Marie…
I remember holding James, just a little boy, in my
arms his beautiful curly hair graced my hands,
I held him in the fullest moments of love…

Holding Brother John…
I searched for you in the rubble of the Towers for
many days… It was only yesterday I stood on those
twisted beams of steel calling your name…Hoping
you would hear my voice filled with love and you
would know I never left you behind…You saved our
sister Anne and lost your own…We will never be
separated…To this day I call out your name hoping
the heavens will give me the sign of you…

Holding Sister Anne…
When I was scared and unsure you sent John to me.
Racing down those forty floors and through that
terrible cloud without seeing I ran into his arms.
Wherever life takes me you will be there…
Together we waited a long time for you. John took
me home. We wept…

Holding Brother Michael…
My son carries your name, my brother James…
You live on in priceless joy…

Walk bravely, keep arm in arm
With courage face that which
Brought the harm
See the Light just up ahead
Life is there, as the Master said…

September’s Song rejoices. Remembering…James

Remembering James
10th Anniversary 2001-2011

Mass card 2011

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