James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten


Such a lovely day, soft breezes caressing
Renewal has come bidding a bitter winter farewell
My eyes tire, I sleep
Like old ones dreaming in false comfort
Bringing out of the shadows hidden memories
Weighted by so many sorrows

For some reason my spirit searches
Through lush green trees
I hear singing so beautiful
There! My voice rising to a shout
I have discovered him
Resting calmly on one tiny leaf
Angelic wings flutter without giving flight
Darkness comes covering all

He is still there, surely others will come
A chorus to join him giving peace to my soul
Sparkling is all around him
Like little diamonds peaking through the dark
Fading then returning in a magical array of gifting
Singing in the glowing light stirs me

He is changing, increasing, more beautiful
Something awesome, very mystical
I see him in the midst of the light, ecstasy
He comes to me with the chorus
Drawing me near

I am eager to enter the light, to stay with him
He is still of me, and I know him well
Through so many years long since flown
My tears touch him, he remains

There is much to say, much to talk about
Much to share from our two worlds
I remain silent, unable to transcend my limits
Pleading, please stay

Sparkling begins anew almost like a message
Light bursts come into me
I move with the very scent of heaven
Pleading, please let me stay

The singing is so sweet promising
He will return again and stay longer
Next time I will rest with him
On that very tiny leaf

Touching he takes away my grief
Drying my tears in his beautiful smile
Embracing, lifting, unable to see separation
Even as I descend
I hold on to him in my heart
The fallen is risen
Promising to visit me again, his voice
Wrapped in a whisper

Do not wait in pain give your sorrow to Glory
Each day brings sweetness joining us
Emerging in fulfillment in unending joy
Rising beyond all that ends
To a new and eternal beginning

Sweet singing rests upon me
Darkness has taken flight

Mass card 2009



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