James Cartier

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May He Never Be Forgotten

It's quiet in my room.
The sound of the rain that has just started is a bit soothing,
so I hope it helps me find the right words for today.

Your family faces another anniversary of your passing
We want most to express our love for you.
Express how much we miss you.

I wish I could stop counting the days,
weeks and years since September 11, 2001.
It's hard because with each new day,
Gods' love has provided your family with many blessings,
shared side by side with our sorrow.

I know that you're helping each of us
become a little stronger than yesterday.

You can see us from your side of heaven and you're helping,
guiding, listening, restoring and sending us your love from above.

Your family has walked a long road that was meant to be walked with you.
We have a future that God has given us the responsibility to be caretakers of.

So I ask, as I ask every day, watch over us, hear our prayers,
keep us strong,
let our trust in God never waiver,
so that together, we continue to give testimony to your life.

We, your family,
remember and hold on to you forever.

by Michele Cartier


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